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Workout Wednesday!

Since Harlie underwent SDR surgery in August 2017, she has been working hard everyday to gain strength in her entire body.

In October 2017, Harlie joined PropelFit gym at Ashgrove,

training under strength and conditioning master coach, Grant Jenkins and his team.

There have been bumps in the road, but Harlie is now a natural in the gym. It seems doing 5 chin-ups in a row is a breeze and she can now bench press 5kg. The record board on the wall proudly shows Harlie's progress. Harlie was able to stand with minimal support for 6 seconds in March but one week ago, she smashed that record! A massive 16 seconds is now her time to beat!

It's not only her muscles that are growing, but her confidence. What once seemed like a mountain to Harlie is now a grain of sand. She takes on any new challenge with a fierce determination and there is no sign of her slowing down. As Harlie begins to see her new abilities come to life, it lights a fire in her and she gives it her all.

There is no stopping the Russell Muscle!


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Brisbane QLD, Australia

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