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Teaching with Tech

Some of the basic foundations of early education is learning how to read and write. For most, this comes naturally, but for other's it can be a challenge. This is the case for Harlie.

As Harlie is still refining her fine motor skills which involves not only learning how to form letters, but even how to hold a pencil correctly, it can become fatiguing for her. While this might not seem like a big issue now, as Harlie progresses through school, she will be required to write more and more. At the risk of Harlie falling behind because it is too tiring for her to write, her school came up with a solution. Technology.

Harlie is now working with her occupational therapist and her teachers to learn how to use technology in the form of a tablet so she will be able to express all of her ideas in text without the risk of fatigue. While this is great during her therapy and school, at home it's a different story as we don't have a tablet available and many of her learning apps are between $20 and $50 each. This becomes a costly exercise.

Hearing this, the Pine Rivers Lodge joined forces with Freemasonry Hand, Heart, Pocket Charity and decided to help. Last month, Hand, Heart, Pocket so generously donated an iPad complete with all the apps recommended for Harlie.

This donation has helped Harlie enormously and her progress since receiving the iPad is amazing! We are fortunate to have the support of so many in the community. Thank you Freemasonry Hand, Heart, Pocket Charity!


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