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Strength to Strength

I found it difficult to decide what to write about for Workout Wednesday simply because there was such much going on for Harlie this week! So many improvements, but here was one of my favourite moments from this week.

Harlie's upper body strength is just as important as her lower body strength. Once Harlie learns to transfer herself from a walking frame to a chair or bed, she will need to be able to share the weight between her legs and arms to help her balance. For her upper body workout, Harlie uses the rowing machine, bands, bench press, but this is the one that amazes me every time; chin ups.

When Harlie began strength and conditioning training in October last year, she was able to slightly lift herself off the cushion of the wheelchair. Now, being held by trainer Emily Harman only for balance, Harlie can pull her own body weight for a proper chin up! Harlie is quite proud of her biceps and shows off a little with her arm wrestle competitions at home. She wins every time...

It still blows me away when Harlie does her chin ups. I didn't ever think this would be something Harlie would be able to achieve because of her spasticity and underlying weakness. But she has put in the hard work and determination and improves every single day.

I can't wait to see what the Russell Muscle will be up to next week!


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