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New Week, New Trick

Harlie is at it again!

While Harlie is working hard on building muscle, it won't be very useful if she doesn't have balance. Even though it now seems easy for her to take a step, placing her foot in the right position and maintaining balance is imperative for Harlie to achieve independent walking.

One of her latest skills is standing on one leg with one hand in the air! I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Her strength and balance was better than mine... Oh dear. Once again a moment that wouldn't be at all possible before SDR surgery. Standing was a difficult task, but standing on one leg was impossible and a distant dream.

Some weeks, I feel like walking may never happen for Harlie. She might not show any improvements for a while or even sometimes have a set back. It's disheartening when I think of what she has been through to get where she is now and I worry it might all be for nothing. Then, she pulls a trick like this and I remember she is stronger than I realise. Once again the Russell Muscle proves everybody wrong! Bring it on, world!


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Brisbane QLD, Australia

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