Whilst the SDR surgery will allow Harlie to become more independent, she will still have some struggles with daily life such as showering, getting in and out of bed and just generally moving around the house.

Unfortunately Harlie's family are unable to modify the home they currently live in and are not able to buy a suitable home for Harlie including all the specalised equipment Harlie will require.

The aim of Home 4 Harlie is to provide Harlie with a whole of life accommodation. This means, with your help, we can build Harlie a home completely suited to her needs which she can easily and independently live in well into her adult life.

If you require more information regarding our Home 4 Harlie cause, or are able to offer help in anyway, please submit our contact us form on the home page, or if you would like to contribute to Harlie's future, please click the donate now button below.


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